Hilton Plummer, a multifaceted and talented Jamaican artist  is currently working in New York.  He is a significant force in the international art world. Plummer achieved critical acclaim and immense popular support from both collectors and critics.

In recognition of his talent and potential, Hilton Plummer has been the recipient of several awards and scholarships.  As a graduate of the internationally renowned Edna Manley College of Visual Arts, he has studied under several Jamaican Masters.  His training has also been enriched with studies at The Art Student League of New York.

Above all else, expression is what I am after.  I am unable to distinguish between the feelings I have for life and my way of painting which is what I experience visually in life.  Each piece of work is a combination of what I see and what I feel.  I believe that in searching out the most expressive forms of my work, I am challenging my talent and training to its utmost.  The whole arrangement of my composition is manipulated and exploited to heighten its expressive content through the pictorial elements of color, shape, texture, and space.

I start each piece of work by observing nature.  The work is then influenced by my mood in response to the landscape of figurative objects that have inspired me.  My emotional response is guided by aesthetic considerations and the techniques of imagery I have developed.  I believe that I best express myself in art by seeking to depict not objective reality, but the subjective response of my innermost feelings as closely as possible.